Karmirhath Hospital

Karmihath Hospital; It is the permanent project of Karmirhath. Its five departments are equipped with modern equipments. It has the following divisions:

Eye Care Division (1986): Patients are treated for various eye diseases including cataract surgery. Eye Camps are regularly held in rural areas in order to screen cataract patients who are operated upon at our hospital at Gaibandha town. With financial helps from Al-Hajj Abdul Wahid, C.E.O. of Naheed Cotton Mills, Dhaka and North American Bangladeshi Islamic Community (NABIC) (www.nabic.org) , a number of modern ophthalmic and related equipments have been acquired.

Name of the section
Service Provided In 2010
Total Service
Eye Section- Out Door (1987)
5,049 Patients
1,36,644 Patients
Eye Section- Cataract Operation
211 Patients
3,954 Patients
Diabetic Care Section (1997)
2,070 Patients
13,222 Patients
Mothers Care Section (2005)
709 Patients
5,563 Patients
Children Care Section (2005)
1,088 Patients
10,325 Patients
Dental Care Section (2007)
101 Patients
616 Patients
9,228 Patients
1,70,324 Patients