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Name of Donor(s)/Partners Working with

Al-Hajj Abdul Wahid, Chief Executive Officer, Naheed Cotton Mills, Dhaka has been a donor from the inception of Karmirhath Hospital in 1986. Besides sponsoring a number of costly equipments, he has allowed Karmirhath to run its hospital in one of his houses at Gaibandha without any rent.

North American Bangladeshi Islamic Community (NABIC) is a major donor since 2003. They financed costly equipments for Eye Section, Diabetic Section and Diagnostic Section. They have set up a modern Dental Section. Besides, NABIC has sponsored Anti-Dowry Program, School Sports Program and a Cluster Village.

SpaandanB, a US based donor sponsors the Children Section where free treatment is provided.

Col (Retd) M. Akbar, USA sponsors Abdul Majid & A. T. Khundkar Fund for surgery on a considerable number of Cataract patients every year since 2003.

Kitty Khundkar of New York, USA Sponsors the Pre-Natal Care of Poor Pregnant Mothers since 2005.

Free Wheelchair Mission, USA gives us wheelchairs as humanitarian aids for free distribution among poor disabled people. We distributed 6,600 wheelchairs from 2006 to 2009. More wheelchairs are coming.

Through a website of GlobalGiving Foundation of Washington D. C., Karmirhath has been raising fund for a project entitled “Resore Eye Sights of 500 Bangladeshis” . A large number of donors from United States and United Kingdom are donating for the project.