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Karmirhath, a not-for-profit organization, was established at Gaibandha, Bangladesh, in 1985 with the help of the local people. It serves a population of about 3.0 million covering the district of Gaibandha and the adjoining areas of the districts of Bogra, Rangpur and Kurigram. Floods annually visit this vast area causing serious damages to crops and homesteads.

President's Note

According to both the holy Qur'an and the holy Bible, the shortest route to satisfy one's Creator is to serve His creatures. This was perhaps the guiding principle of Md. Rafiqul Islam, a devotedly religious man, when, in 1985, he contacted a few social­ welfare-minded persons in Gaibandha town along with a few bankers, and started Karmirhath, a non-profit humanitarian organization.

Karmirhath has been working in other's premises since its inception. Time has come to give it a permanent abode. We are working hard to this effect and hopeful about finding a suitable site in near future.Abdus Sobhan President

Ever since its inception, Karmirhath has been engaged in different humanitarian pro­grams that were directly related to helping the needy. In the pursuit of rendering humanitarian services to the less privileged people in the society, Karmirhath worked also in collaboration with reputed national and international organizations.

Karmirhath: A Short History

Karmirhath, a humanitarian non-Government organization, was established on April 04. 1985 with the initiative of Mr. Rafiqul Islam, the then Assistant General Manager of Janata Bank. Gaibandha. The name 'Karmirhath' (Workers' Hands) was. proposed by Mr. Mahbubul Hoque Chowdhury. the then Assistant General Manager. Sonali Bank, Gaibandha at its first preparatory meeting.

The Mission of Karmirhath is to raise the socio-economic status of the poor, down­trodden, and less privileged people in the society through affordable health care, love. sympathy, honesty and hard work.

Goals Reached

Fund is being raised on line through the web site to finance our project, “Restore Eye Sights to 500 Bangladeshis”. The target is to raise $24,000/ for restoring of eye sights of 500 cataract patients at Karmirhath Hospital, Gaibandha. 145 patients got back their eye sights free in 2010 under this program.

Donor: GlobalGiving Foundation, USA (